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We provide information that enables people everywhere to provide for their own & their communities’ needs for food, energy, shelter, & to design decent lives without exploitation or pollution from the smallest practical area of land.

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Permaculture Activist Magazine became
Permaculture Design Magazine

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Permaculture Activist continues to offer design / consulting, teaching services, and public speaking as
Patterns for Abundance;
and seeds, produce, workshops, internships and tours via Blue Sky Polyculture.

Permaculture Handbook

The Permaculture Handbook, by Peter Bane, is a step-by-step, beautifully illustrated guide to creating resilient and prosperous households and neighborhoods, complemented by extensive case studies of four successful farmsteads and market gardens. This comprehensive manual casts garden farming as both an economic opportunity and a strategy for living well with less money.

Permaculture is about working with the earth and with each other to repair the damage of industrial overreach and to enrich the living world that sustains us. The Permaculture Handbook is the definitive, practical North American guide to this revolutionary practice, and is a must-read for anyone concerned about creating food security, resilience and a legacy of abundance rather than depletion.