Blue Sky Polyculture Farm:
Soil is our first crop.

          Peter Bane and Keith Johnson are in the fifth year of developing their sandy 10 Acre site in Montague Mi. They’ve had many years of land design experience as gardeners, landscapers, consultants to farmers and homeowners, and homesteaders (in HI, TN, MA, NH, CA, NC, IN). Peter published / edited Permaculture Activist Magazine and Keith was editorial staff / web manager.

     Farming in beach sand is no small challenge, especially with hot sun and drying winds. Nevertheless, with minerals, mulch, and compost the land is changing to one much more supportive of life. The critically necessary 4-row windbreak / coppice and orchard trees are finally growing taller than us thanks in particular to consistent drip irrigation and chicken tractors in the alleys between the tree rows.

     Eventually we will use pigs and other animals to help us increase organic matter to restore soil fertility, improve crop nutritional density, increase drought-resistance, and reduce pests and disease. 

     Greenhouses and cold frames extend our growing season enabling us to enjoy good home-grown food year-round.

Water catchment systems like lined ponds and rainwater storage tanks will provide backup water for our needs. Our first of several ponds went in late summer 2019.

     Since both of us are getting old and rusty, help from interns, and soon Peter’s daughter and family, will bring relief for the heavy lifting. We aim to build additional housing for them and for the critters yet to come.