Resource Evaluation & Site Design Checklist
Patterns for Abundance: Design & Consulting
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Date: # Acres (+/-)
Name: Email:
Phone: Fax Cell Phone
URL / Website:
# of people on site, relationship, names, ages:
Occupations / Interests / Hobbies:
Eating / Dietary Patterns:
Level of food self reliance desired:
Handicaps / Limitations:
Ability to Invest in Site (time on and off land, labor, budget, etc.):
On Site Resources (eg., water, wind, light, carbon, buildings, etc):
Footprint (in total square feet) of existing buildings:
Security of Land Tenure (mineral / water rights, Deed restrictions, zoning, easements, etc.):
Potential Catastrophes (eg., fire, flood, frost, lava, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, etc.):
List of Plans, maps, drawings available:
History of land (logged, cropped, inhabited, pastured, sprayed, etc.):
Known problems:
Degree of privacy / sociability:
Short and long-range priorities / goals:
Soils: Sand, Silt, Clay, Loam.....?
Water (springs, ponds, tanks, surface water, size and volume of watershed, floodlevels, drainage patterns, etc.:
Average Annual Rainfall Frost Dates: First Last
Temperature: Minimum Maximum
Vegetation (flora,  percentage forested, exotics, ground covers, poisonous species, rare):
Habitation (fauna - native and introduced, pests, etc.):
Access (existing roads, farm roads, rights of way, etc):
Aspect (what direction does the land slope? N, S, E, W and degree of gradient):
Features (rock outcrops, waterfalls, caves, swimming holes, wind / waterpower sites, views, etc.):
Elevation Change in elevation: Highest point Lowest point
Desires and dreams, wants, needs:
Local resources (people, organizations, agencies, sawmill, nurseries, free plants and seeds, biomass, sand, gravel, timber, mulch, building materials, etc.):
Available utilities / services (eg., power, phone, sewerage, gas, pv, hydro, shops, schools, public transport, hospitals, fire departments, waste disposal / recycling, etc.):
Additional Comments: