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Contents of Back Issues (we are  presently unable to sell  back issues with PayPal. Select the issues you'd like, make a list and send it with a check. Deduct 20% when ordering 5 or more copies.)

#96 Building the Solar Economy,
$6.50, Summer, 2015

The new updated version of the Permaculture Activist in it's new format, Permaculture Design Magazine, has published it's first copy under the new name with Issue # 96 (Summer 2015) focused on Building the Solar Economy. Th)e new publisher / editor, John Wages will be producing the magazine from California. Stay tuned for updates.


#95 Perennial Crops,
$6.50, Spring , 2015

#94 Seasonal Cycles of Work, $6.50, Autumn, 2014

Festivals and Forestry on the Ecological Calendar by Tom Ward
A High Desert Homestead by Erin O'Neill
Seasons of the Market Garden by Darrell Frey
Eating Year-Round from a Wisconsin Garden by Kathleen Plunkett-Black
Energy Through the Seasons by Peter Bane
Weaving the Threads of Resilience by Rhonda Baird
Forest Garden Research by Tomas Remiarz

Reviews: Farming the Woods: An Integrated Permaculture Approach to Growing Food and Medicinals in the Temperate Forest by Ken Mudge and Steve Gabriel (Reviewer Peter Bane)
Sustainable [R]evolution: Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms and Communities Worldwide.
[Reviewer Michael Welber]


#93 Experimentation- Science in Permaculture, $6.50, Autumn, 2014
Critical Questions for Permaculture by Rafter Sass Ferguson
Dynamic Accumulators Revisited by Robert Kourik
Experimentation in Permaculture by Chris Warburton-Brown
Nitrogen-Fixing Vegetables by Jonathan Bates
Bio-Char - the Carbon Kickstarter by Kelpie Wison & Hans-Peter Schmidt
People's Science or Pseudoscience? by Rafter Sass Ferguson
Permaculture Farmer in Malawi by Abigail Conrad
Forming a More Perfect Union: Permaculture & Academia by Steve Gabriel
Soil and Biodiversity Test by Tom Kemeny
Political Ecology & Public Permaculture by Christopher Kelly-Bisson

Reviews: A Different Kind of Luxury: Japanese Lessons in Simple Liiving & Innner Abundance (Review by Erin Schey)
The Art & Science of Shepherding: Tapping the Wisdom of French Herders (Review by Peter Bane)
Integrated Forest Gardening: The complete guide to polycultures & plant guilds in permaculture systems (Reviewed by Peter Bane)
The Permaculture Orchard (video) (Reviewed by Peter Bane)

#92 Stacking Functions, $6.50, Summer, 2014

A Primer on Stacking Functions by Matt Smaus
Making the Most of Every Growing Surface by Marie F. Fleming
55 Uses of Biochar by Hans-Peter Schmidt & Kelpie Wilson
Growing Community Against Steep Odds by Amy Stross
A Linguistic Permaculture of the Oak by Ben Kessler
Nature, Culture, and Self by Bonita Ford
Fodder Banking in Central America by Justin West
Designing with the Rule of Three by Rhonda Baird
Sensible Solutions for a World of Extremes: Colorado Flooding by Jason Gerhardt
North American Permaculture Convergence by Michael Pilarski
Species Index to Issues 41-74 (May 1999 - Winter 2009
Book reviews (in PDF format): Earth Users Guide to Teaching Permaculture, 2nd Edition; Building Small Barns, Sheds, & Shelters; Free-Range Chicken Gardens: How to Create a Beautiful, Chicken-Friendly Yard; The Mobile Poultry Slaughterhouse; Secrets of Plant Propagation; Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Vol. 1, 2nd Edition; Cider: Making, Using, & Enjoying Sweet & Hard Cider, 3rd Edition; Basic Butchering of Livestock & Game; The Market Gardener: A Successful Grower's Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming; Yigal Deutscher: Envisioning Sabbatical Culture

#91 Seeds, $6.50, Spring, 2014

Stewards of Arizona Seed-Sheds by Chris Franco
Seed Saving Primer by Randel Agrella
Remember the Leucaena by Marjory Wildcraft
Volunteer Plants in the Garden by Michael Pilarski
Successful Seed-Saving by Hillie Salo
Bioregional Seed-Sheds by Don Tipping
Saving the Seeds of Cheese by David Asher Rotzstain
Create Your Own Seed Bank by Randel Agrella
The Seeds of Community: Forest Garden Emerging by Frank Raymond Cetera
Start a Community Seed Bank by Ellen Rainwalker
GMO Seeds: The New Green Revolution in Africa by Trina Moyles
Index to Permaculture Activist #59 - 74 (2006-2009)
Book reviews: Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist; American Exodus: Climate Change and the Coming Flight for Survival; The Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Permaculture: Creating An Edible Ecosystem

#90 Appropriate Technology, $6.50, Winter, 2013-14
It's Getting Better All the Time.... by Maurice Schauffert
Low-Tech Tools for Zone 4 by Ben Weiss
Rocket Mass Heaters by Leslie Jackson
Stocking Up with Solar Power: Evaluating Food Dryers by Dennis Scanlin
Teaching an Old Pump New Tricks by Douglas Bullock
WWOOFing Bonds Virtual with Face-to-Face Community by Dan Moberger
Social Sharing Software by Chris Carnevale
Hand-Powered Oil Presses by John Wages
Facing the Giants: Permaculture Trials at a Big Ag School by Kevin Woltz
Scythes: A Gem from the Past by Vaidila Satvika
Convivial Technology: The Scythe by Peter Vido
Board Game Technology for Education by Roman Shapla
Solar Double-Cropping by Glen & Lyle Estill
Community-Supported Industry by Susan Witt
Book Reviews: Small Stories, Big Changes: Agents of change on the front lines of sustainability;
The Woodland Way, 2nd Ed.: A permaculture approach to sustainable woodland management;
Earth Repair: A grassroots guide to healing toxic & damaged landscapes;
Let It Shine: The 6000-year story of solar energy;
Growing Food in the Southwest Mountains: A guide to high altitude, semi-arid home permaculture gardens

#89 Practicing Democracy, $6.50, Autumn, 2013
Mimicking Life's Politics by Ellen Laconte
The Case for Slow Democracy by Susan Clark & Woden Teachout
David vs. Goliath: Seed Libraries by Stephanie Syson
Mapping the Way to Prosperity in Rhode Island by Greg Gerritt
Lessons from the Iroquois in Self-Organizing Governance by Joel Glanzberg
A Toolbox for Social Permaculture by Abrah Jordan Dresdale & Connor Stedman
Entrepreneurship & the Three-Legged Stool of Sustainability by Lee Walker Warren
Bring a Little Dirt into Your Life: So. Calif. Community Gardens by Bill Roley
The Forgotten Herb: Sweet Cicely by Jill Henderson
Patoralism: Problem or Solution by Alice Gray
Losing Ground in the Solomon Islands by Rosemary Morrow
Book Reviews: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Food Rights: The escalating battle over who decides what we eat;
The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivors toolkit;
Principles of Ecological Landscape Design;
Financing our Foodshed: Growing Local Food with Slow Money;
Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Climate: Lessons from desert farmers on adapting to climate uncertainty

#88 Earth Skills & Nature Connection, $6.50, Summer, 2013
Mentoring for the Earth: Nature Connection & Cultural Repair by Mark Morey
Building a Permaculture Legacy Through Nature Connection by Jon Young & Josh Lane
Connecting Youth to Nature & Self by Rick Berry
Wild Animals Tell Us by Tom Ward
Teaching Earth Skill to Children by Roman Shapla
Permaculture & Wilderness Survival by Adam "Hub" Knott
Tracks to a Full Stomach by Bonita Ford
Traditional Observation Techniques for the Permaculture Designer by Benjamin Weiss
Adventures in Oyster-Tecture: Thought on Seabed Design by Jason Gerhardt
A Personal Forest: Reclaiming Our Carbon Footprints by Albert Bates
Suburban Agroforestry: An Ohio Valley Prototype by Blake Cothron
Book Reviews: Perennial Vegetable Gardening;
Plowing with Pigs: And Other Creative, Low-budget Homesteading Solutions;
Restoration Agriculture: Real-world Permaculture for Farmers;
Rebuilding the Foodshed: How to Create Local, Sustainable, & Secure Food Systems;
The Resilient Farm & Homestead: An Innovative Permaculture & Whole Systems Design Approach

#87 Weeds to the Rescue, $6, Spring, 2013
Managing Weedy Species by Tao Orion;
Where the Sheet Mulch Hits the Road by Creighton Hofeditz;
These Are a few of My Favorite Weeds by Stephanie Syson & Jerome Osentowski; Wisdom of Weeds by Frank Salzano;
The Underestimated Paulownia by Tony Troia;
Grafting onto Weedy Opportunities by Bill Whipple;
Net-Generation Polycultures by Eric Toensmeier;
Burdon Enemy, Burdock Ally by Ryan Bloosser & Ted Butchart
Rescuing the Reputation of Weeds by Tom Ward;
Index to Permaculture Activist issues 41-58
Book Reviews:
The Organic Seed Grower: A farmer's guide to vegetable seed production (in Word);
Permaculture Design: A step-by-step guide;
Paradise Lot: Two plant geeks, one-tenth of an acre, and the making of an edible garden oasis in the city
(in Word);
Making Home: Adapting our homes and our lives to settle in place

#86 Health & Nutrition, $6, Winter, 2012-13

Naturopathy Centre Integrates Health & Community by Katherine Willow;
Seasonal Eating for Health by Tiffany Robbins;
Reclaiming Plant Medicine by rachel Berry;
Mushrooms & Vit D: The Sun Connection by Paul Stamets;
The Herbal Medic: Herbal First Aid by Sam Coffman;
Edible Insects by Roman Shapla;
Forest Gardens on Campus by Macon Foscue;
Beer for Health & Happiness by Phil Wages;
Growing Wise Children by Leigh Senna;
Fenugreek: A Versatile & Healing Herb by Jill Henderson;
Choosing Plants & Animals for Edible Landscapes by Kyle Chamberlain;
Not All Nitrogen Fixers Are Created Equal by Eric Toensmeier;
The Benefit of Ordeal by Albert Bates
Book Reviews:
People Money: The Promise of Regional Currency;
The Art of Fermentation; 
The Man Who Planted Trees: Lost Groves, champion trees, & an urgent plan to save the planet;
How to Grow Perennial Vegetables: Low-maintenance, low-impact vegetable gardening;
Future Money: Breakdown or Breakthrough;
The "Ultimate" Guide to Permaculture
(don't buy this book)

#85 There Goes the Neighborhood, $6, Autumn 2012
Rural, Urban, and Potential Neighborhoods by Creighton Hofeditz
The Needs of Sustainable Communities by David Bainbridge
"Re-Villagize": Patterns to Build the Neighborhood by Andrew Millison
Community Solar Power by Greg Pahl
Multi-Farm CSA in NH: Local Economic Organizing by Scott Codey & Bethan Weick
Cultivating Food-Secure Communities by Mark Roseland
SENS House at Berea College: Metrics on Sustainability by Richard Olson
Cross-Country on Amtrak: Thoughts on Broadscale Restoration by Michael Pilarski
Relocating an Intentional Community by Tarenta Baldeschi
Community Common Rights and Fracking by Pamela Sherman
Book Reviews: 2052: A global forecast for the next 40 years;
Too Much Magic: Wishful thinking, technology, and the fate of the nation;
Dreaming the Future: Reimagining civilization in the age of nature;
Honeycomb Kids: Big picture parenting for a changing world;
The Seed Underground: A growing revolution to save food.

#84 Home and Hearth, $6, Summer 2012
The Permaculture of Domesticity by Sharon Astyk
Natural Building by Sasha Rabin
The Recip0rocating Roof Roundhouse by Huckleberry Leonard
Fire at the Heart of the Home: Retrofitting a Monrovian Barn by Max Jensen
Tending the Hearth by Andrew Goodheart Brown
Inching Toward Permaculture by Ileana Grams-Moog
Grow Dome Pops Up in Denver by Reggie Lafaye
Growing the Homebody Economy by Rachel Kaplan
Homeschooling and Permaculture Adventures by Rhonda Baird
Permaculture in Damaged Drylands by Dan Smith
Nova Scotia: Sticks and Stumps Feed the Hearth by Marissa Ringel
Book Reviews: The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country;
Independence Days: A guide to sustainable food storage and preservation; Sowing Seeds in the Desert: Natural farming, global restoration and ultimate food security

#83 The Economy of Wood, $6, Spring 2012
The Polewood Economy by Mark Krawczyk
Living by Wood by Bethann Weick
A Basket-Maker's Landscape by Tom Ward
Ligurian Alnoculture: An Italian Example by Dave Jacke
The Fuel of Choice by Peter Bane
What to Do with All the Wood by Jeanmarie Zirger & Kara Cifizzari
Black Locust: Utility or Futility by Bill Whipple
Perennial Staple Crops: Part 2 by Eric Toensmeier
Book Reviews: Asphalt to Ecosystems;
Occupy World Street;
The KunstlerCast;
The Holistic Orchard (review)

#82 Growing Staple Crops, $6, Winter 2012
 Growing Staple Foods in Permaculture by Mark Shepard
Tell Me Where You Get Your Bread by Michelle Ajamian & Brandon Jaeger
Staple Crops Without Tillage -
     Part 1, Dry Beans; Part 2, Growing Corn among the 3 Sisters by Susanna Lein
Pole Beans - The Vagaries of Phaseolus by Leigh Hurley
Poor People's Food by John Glavis
Pig-Powered Potatoes by Behann Weick
Growing Rice in Vermont by Erik Andrus with Ben Falk
Who Am I to Farm? by Peter Bane
Working Out a New Farming System by Harry MacCormack
Perennial Staple Crops by Eric Toensmeier
Chestnuts: Staple Foods Do Grow on Trees by Frank Salzano
Acorn: The Perennial Grain by Kyle Keegan
Book Reviews: Permaculture Pioneers: Stories from the New Frontier  (Review);
The Blue Economy: 10 years, 100 innovations, 100 million jobs

#81 Hidden Connections in the Garden, $6, Autumn 2011
Green Acres Neighborhood Garden, The Place to Be by Ann Kreilkamp
Urban Agriculture - Bringing Paradise Back to the Empty Lot by David Tracey
Food Means Access to Land by Sandor Ellix Katz
Tending the Wild: Restoring Indigenous Practices by Eric Toensmeier
Hoarding and Storing Seeds by Carol Deppe
Gardening Religion: Choices in our Cultural Stew by David Haberman
Lifting the Garden Up: Deep Raised Beds by Sepp Holzer
A Better Deer Fence by Nina Maclean
Greenhouses with Altitude by Jerome Osentowski, Evan Granito, Elena Zubulake & Sara DeAloia
Managing Manure to Save Mankind by Gene Logsden
Wild Edibles in Civilized Settings by Rachel Kaplan
For the Love of Mushrooms by Greg Marley
Book Reviews: The End of Growth: Adapting to our new economic reality;
Urban Homesteading: Heirloom skills for sustainable living;
Common Ground: Commuity orchards handbook
Urban Agriculture: Ideas & designs for the new food revolution;
21st Century Greens: Leaf vegetables in nutrition & sustainable agriculture;
Aquaponic Gardening: A step-by-step guide to raising vegetables & fish togethe

#80 Designing for Disaster, $6, Summer 2011
Mitigating Collapse by Dmity Orlov
Global Storming: The Bathtub Effect by Peter Bane
Preparing for & Responding to the Worst: Fire, Quake, Storm, Flood by Steve Cran
Stabiliziing Climate with Permanent Agriculture by Eric Toensmeier
Self-Care in a Disastrous World by Rhonda Baird
When Technology Fails: Ensuring Food Supplies by Matthew Stein
Learning to Live with Drought by Peter Bane
Book Reviews: Bioshelter Market Garden: A permaculture farm;
Prelude: A novel about secrets, treachery & the arrival of peak oil;
The Witch of Hebron: A world made by hand novel;
Sepp Holzer's Permaculture: A practical guide for farmers, smallholders & gardeners;
Roundwood Timber Framing: Building naturally using local resources;
A Forest Garden Year: DVD

#79 The Urban Frontier, $6, Spring 2011
An Indoor Farm Grows in Denver by Adam Brock
Meet You on the Roof: City Food Production Looking Up by Phil Forsyth (with Micah Woodcock on Beekeeping in the City)
Being the Change in Your Village by Kelda Miller
D-I-Y Meets P.U.D.: Bringing the Village into the City by Peter Bane
Creating Urban Mycelia: Permaculture for Everyone by Zev Friedman
Permaculture: Farming for Tomorrow by Chuck Burr
General Index to Permaculture Activist issues 24-40
Species Index (issues 24-40)
Book Reviews: The Biochar Solution: Carbon farming & climate change;
The Growing Edge: Beyond sustainability & regeneration DVD;
Birthrites: Rituals & celebrations for the child-bearing years

#78 Water Wise, $6, Winter 2011
Thinking Like a River by Michael Blazewicz
Watershed Relationships by Brock Dolman
Berms & Basins Gain the Colorado Rain by Jason Gerhardt
From Wastewater to Gardens by Mark Nelson & Florence Cattin
Old Practices, New Thinking: Water Tools & View for Drylands:
     1. Cisterns of Saudi Arabia; 2. Watergy: Where water & Energy Meet by Brad Lancaster
Mexican Water Design Endures 450 Years by Scott Horton
Edible Boardrooms & Allotments in the Sky by Dave Richards
Water Conservation in the Home by Jerry Yudelson
The Causeway Apporach to Poorly Drained Lands by Chris Dixon

#77 Eco-nomics, $6, Fall 2010
Design for Sustainable Economics by Robert Gilman
New Roots for Economics by Stephanie Mills
Making Sense of a Collapsing System by Peter Bane
The Eco-nomics of Small-Scale Forestry by Ish Shalom
BioShelter Market Gardens by Darrell Frye
The Economics of Logging on Public Lands by Christine Glaser
Community Currencies Build the Future by John Rogers
Cooperation, Peace and Economic Justice by Stephen DeMeulenaere
The New Green-Collar Economy by Abel Kloster
Enterprise Models Regenerate the Planet by Greg Landua, Eric Toensmeier, & Mary Johnson
Permaculture Institutes, Cetificates, & the Diploma by Rosemary Morrow

#76 Soil Fertility, $6, Summer 2010
The Permaculture Way of Soil by Andrew Goodheart Brown
Biochar and Agriculture by James Bruges
Rocky Mountain Miracles with Sheet Mulch by Jerome Osentowski
Hawai'ian Farm Builds Soil with Worms by Sarah Staley
Demystifying humanure: The Poop on Composting Toilets by Joe Jenkins
A Golden Opportunity: Diverting Urine to Fertilize Soil by Carol Steinfeld
Building Soil with Crop Rotations by Eric & Beth Ardapple-Kindberg
Fungus Among Us: Mushrooms and Soil by Alice Beetz and Michael Kustudia

#75 Local Food, $6, Spring 2010
Expanding the Niche of Local Food: A City and Regional Plan by Peter Bane
Local Food Starts with the Garden: Small Farm Self-Reliance by Darrell E. Frey
Living the local Food Life: Suburban and Rural Views by Doniga Markegard and Susan Osofsky
Food Interdependence in the City - A Group Effort by Robert van de Walle
Colorado Food Bank Adds Own Gardens and Orchards by Melissa Marts
Designing a Garden to Grow the Food Bank by Barb Fath
A Local Foods Movement Worth its Salt by Tao Orion
Reintroducing Staples to Regional Farming by Michelle Ajamian & Brandon Jaeger
Urban Survival Farming by Mike Thayer

#74 Energy Descent, $6, Winter 2009
A Personal Story: Practical Home Energy Descent by Kate & Larry McAuliffe
Transition: Meeting the Challenge of Energy Descent by Michael Brownlee
Permaculture and Transition in Mexico by Holger Heironimi
Carbon-Negative...Starving Chickens and Sacred Shrines by Albert Bates
On Energy, We're Finally Walking the Walk by Lester R. Brown
Making Fuel Alcohol by Lynn Ellen Doxon
An Uncivilized Solution to a Global Crisis by Keith Farnish
Throwing Out the Throwaway Economy by Lester R. Brown
The Eco-Logic of Descent: Why Industrial Society is Ending by John Michael Greer
The Right Invisible Structures for Energy Descent by Rhonda Baird

#73 Bioregionalism, $6, Autumn 2009
Jumping Into a New Paradigm by Ken Lassman
ReEnvisioning & Restoring Wild Lands in the Rocky Mountains by Sandy Cruz
As Go the Elephants, So Goes the Bioregion by John Seed
Bioregional Organizing in Cities: A Houston Success by Bob Randall
Heirloom Seeds of Tomorrow by Don Tipping
Gardens of Gratitude: Taking L.A. by Storm by Virginia LeRossignol Blades
Reclaiming the Land Commons by David Harper
Transition Town: Hohenwald, Tennessee by Jennifer Dauksha-English
From Kansas to Oz...& Back Again: A Saga of the BioCongress by Caryn Miriam Goldberg
Making Home in a Global Neighborhood by Peter Bane
Growing a Bioregional Vision by Christine Muehlman Gyovai

#72 The View from Abroad, $6, Summer 2009
Viva Biafra: Machine Guns, Naked Women, & Heliciculture in Nigeria by Keith Morris
Green Tech: An Optimistic View of the Future by David Holmgren
Integrated Water Management in Ethiopia by Rosemary Morrow
Shrinking Forests: The Many Costs by Lester Brown
Food Exploration in the Caucasus by Justin West
Trees, Fire & Farmers in the Maya Rainforest by Ronald Nigh
Bringing Permaculture to Trinidad by Erle Rahaman Noronha
Bridging Cultures in India & Brazil: Solidarity Through Soil by aManda Greene
Permaculture in Schools in Southern & Eastern Africa by Mugove Walter Nyika
Chasing the Bugger-Bug in Liberia by Warren Brush
End of an Era: No New Coal Plants in America by Jonathan Dorn

#71 Eathworks, $6, Spring 2009

Mounds of Water Management by Barb Fath & Ted Sunderhaus;
Going Deep in Belize by Albert Bates;
Building the Road to "Lottawater Water" by Peter Bane;
Soil, Water & Carbon for Every Farm by Darren Doherty;
Gardening Lessons from the Past by Laura Donohue;
Permaculture & the Landscape Architect by Andrew Millison;
Earthbag Building by Jeff Bosquet;
A Fridge That Takes Only 0.1kW a Day by Tom Chalko

#70 Ethics at Work, $6, Winter, 2008

Business-As-Usual is the Enemy by Peter Bane;
Thirteen Principles of People Care by Starhawk;
Permaculture in Business by Stefan Geyer;
How Ecovillages Care for People by Diane Leafe Christian;
A White Man in India by Rico Zook;
Beans, Bananas, & Boarding School by Rosemary Morrow;
The Principle of "No Waste" by Josh Kearns;
The Ethics of Quality Control by Jan Martin Bang;
Growing Our Own by Sarah Baker;
Farming in the City with Runoff from a Street by Brad Lancaster;
The Happiness Plant by Albert bates

#69 Permaculture at Home, $6, Autumn 2008

From Ecotourism to Grunt & Grow in Hawai'i by John Schinnerer;
A Forest Garden Grows in London by Graham Burnett;
Suburban Renaissance in the Heartland by Rhonda Baird;
CCAT: Home-Scale Action on a California Campus by Jeffrey M. Adams & Zachary A. Mermel;
The Philadelphia Ordhard Project by Phil Forsyth;
A Charcoal Bucket Filter for Drinking Roof Water by Josh Kearns;
Brambleberry Farm from the Ground Up by Peter Bane;
Dreaming a New England Forest Home by Nicko Rubin;
Cleaning Water with Floating Islands by Scott Kellogg & Stacy Pettigrew;
Bicycles Pedaling into the Spotlight by J. Matthew Roney;
Gulf Coast Climate Refugees Move Inland by Lester R. Brown;
Mississippi Blooming by Akia Chabot;
In Memory of Nader Khalili by Wes Roe & Marge Erickson

#68 Plants on the Move, $6, Summer 2008
Questioning the Invasive Species Paradigm by Jono Neiger and Dave Jacke
Re-thinking Non-Native Species by Eric Toensmeier
Forest Migration and Climate Change by Peter Bane
A New Perennial for Cold Climates by Jonathan Bates
Possible Black Walnut Polyculture Guilds by Rob Scott & William C. Sullivan
Stalking the Wild Stocks: Three from Forager's Harvest by Sam Thayer
Saving the Seed Savers by Kathryn DeLee
Grow Your Own Community Garden by David Tracey
Greening the Neighborhood by Jay Walljasper
Healthy Adaptive Honeybees by Kelly Simmons
Massive Deiversion of US Grain to Fuel Cars Raising World Food Prices by Lester Brown

#67 Kids in Permaculture
Spring 2008, $6

Editor's Edge by Scott Horton;
Chicken Mash Layer Cake Midwife Girl by Thorpe Moeckel
Ruby Kay: the Accidental Permaculturist by Scott Horton
The School As Ecosystem by Sam Dunlap
Permaculture Education Comes Home by Rhonda Baird
Introducing High School Students to Permaculture by Kelly Simmons
Bolitas de Vida: Tlaxcalan Children Make Seedballs by Scott Horton
Sowing the Seeds of Gardening in Kids - Colorado Master Gardeners
Food Unlocks Interest in Sustainability: Fostering Research Skills in Youth by Dianne Clipsham & Letitia Charbonneau
Bottled Water Boycotts: Turning Back to the Tap by Janet Larsen
Solar Cell Production Jumps 50% in 2007 by Jonathan G. Dorn
Feeding Eight Billion Well by Lester R. Brown

#66 Animals in Design, Winter 2007-08, $6

Editor's Edge: Design for All Six Kingdoms;
Way Down Yonder in the Pawpaw Patch by Chris Chmiel
Oxymoron on the Menu: Jumbo Shrimp by Keith Johnson
The Year of the Alpaca by Suvia Judd & Deborah Berman
Eggs, Milk, Honey...and No Gasoline by Arina & Scott Pittman
The Tao of Permaculture Beekeeping by Eugene Monaco
Pulling Permaculture Together: An Integreated New Hampshire Farm by Lauren Buyofsky & Bill Erickso
Permaculture Going to the Dogs by Dave Boehnlein
Insects as Human Food by David Gracer
The Universal Chicken: Notes on Pastured Poultry by John Wages
Small Livestock in the (Urban) Backyard by Dawn Pillsbury
Chicken Tractor from the Dump by Jan Steinman
Rabbits on Pasture by Kathryn Kerby
Abundance for All: Forest Restoration for Top Predators by Chris Shanks
The Ethical Omnivore: Working with Complementary Animals by Beck Lowe
It's Not Easy Being Green: A New Way of Burial by Jane Hillhouse
Agrichar: Birth of a New Wedge on Climate and Soils by Kelpie Wilson

#65 Autumn 07, $6
Climate Change
If Only Gay Sex Caused Global Warming by Daniel Gilbert
Disappearing Lakes, Shrinking Seas by Janet Larsen
De-Stabilizing Climate by Lester R. Brown; Recognizing Forests' Role in Climate by the Union of Concerned Scientists
The Urban Forest Possible by Andy & Katy Lipkis
Making Trees Pay by Albert Bates
Eight Principles for Successful Rainwater Harvesting by Brad Lancaster
The Greenhouse Effect: Creating Indoor Gardens by Peter Bane
Charcoal Water Filtration by Josh Kearns
The Changing Human Climate by Paul Hawken

#64 Summer 2007, $6
Waste = Food
Throwaway Economy in Trouble by Lester Brown
The Strategy of Salvage by John Michael Greer
Peak Soil by Vera Brandova
Getting Piggy with Integrated Waste Management by Josh Trought
Bicycles, Night Soil, and the Future of Garbage by Lisa DePiano
The farm as Organism by Don Tipping
The Opportunisitc Plant Question in Permaculture by Michael Pilarski
Building a Simple BioDigester by Thomas Carmona
The Waters of Spain in Grey, Black, and Yellow by Ines Sanchez and Richard Wade
Vermiculture Goes to School by Binet Payne

#63 Spring 2007, $6
Building & Technology
How Do We Want To Dwell? by Dafyd Rawlings
Natural Building Outlaws Meet the Code by Warren Brush & Dafyd Rawlings
Making Natural Building a Legal Option by Michael G. Smith
Strawbale Building in China by Catherine Wanek
A Sleeping Red Giant: Scaling Up Technology in China by Kelly Lerner
Shelter & the Practice of the Local by Lydia Doleman
Mr. Cob Goes to Eden: The Armenian Republic of Natural Building by Ianto Evans
Integrated Solar Heating, Cooking, Pumping & Power by Albert Bates with Leila Dregger
Building with Vision: An Exemplary Self-Build Project by Catherine Wanek
A Nation-Scale Permaculture System Emerges in Brazil by Ali Sharif

#62 Winter 2006, $6
The Art of Permaculture
Is Beauty the Forgotten Permaculture Principle? by Scot Horton
Painting and Permaculture: Learning to See by Adam Wolpert
Observation in Writing and Permaculture by Tami Brunk
Ecoartists Open Eyes and Hearts to Nature by Patricia Watts
A Life in Art, Activistm and Community by Heather Gaudet
Catching Water, Making Magic by Chrissie Orr
Street Theatre & Water Struggle in Bolivia by Eve Tulbert
Art & Bioremediation: Turning Coalfields to Commons by T. Allen Comp, Ph.D.
Living Willow Placemaking by Josho Somine
The Body as Zone Zero by Nala Walla
The Nearly Lost Art of the Found by Andy Mahler
Permaculture Permeates Pop Culture by Monica Richards; and more.

#61 Fall 2006, $6
The Unseen Kin-doms
Using Naturalist Observation as a Design Tool by Amanda Malachesky
The Purpose of Weeding is Not to Eliminate by Brigitte Norland
Mysteries of the Soil Food Web by Bart Anderson
Mycelium as Nature's Internet by Paul Stamets
Making Your Own Mycorrhizal Inoculum by Sunseed Desert Technology
Bees: The Sweetest of Community Builders by Minna Jain
Cover Crops as Bee Forage in the Desert Southwest by Lynda Prim
Earth Energies Inform Design by Lee Barnes; Design for the Five Kingdoms
ZERI Principles and Methods by Kris Holstrom and Tom Riesing
Time to Rekindle Local Currencies by Susan Witt
Dead Zones Increasing at the Edge of the Sea by Janet Larsen
Between Ice and Ocean by Albert Bates
Empty Skies: World's Bird at Risk by Janet Larsen; and more.

#60 Summer 2006, $6
Land Use Past & Present
Is Sustainable Agriculture an Oxymoron? by Toby Hemenway
Still Time to Learn from the Negev's Bedouin by Nirah Shirazipour
Eastern Woodlands Indigenous Agroforestry by Dave Sansone
Permaculture Begins to Heal the Land and Cultures of India by Richard Zook
Land Planning Comes to Arcosanti by Andrew Millison
A Rockies Relationship with the Land by Peter Bane
Don Carlos Grows a Forest by Scott Horton
Population Growth Leading to Land Hunger by Janet Larsen

#59 Spring 2006, $6
Peak Oil
Peak Oil & Permaculture by Tim Winton
Ecological Collapse & Trauma Theory by Lisa Rayner
Something Will Save Us by Thom Hartmann
Apocalypse Not by Toby Hemenway
The Curse of the Were-Rabbit as a Post-Apocalyptic Utopia by Albert Bates
Designing Energy Descent Pathways by Rob Hopkins
How Cuba Survived Peak Oil by Megan Quinn
An Amtrak Peak-Oil Tour by Jan Lundberg
Oil & Food: A Rising Security Challenge by Danielle Murray
Relocalize Eonomic Life by Doug Biggs
Biofuels: Peak Oil Silver Bullet or Ecological & Humanitarian Disaster by Alec Johnson
Cultivating Algae for Liquid Fuel Production by Tom Riesing

#58 Winter 2005, $6
Urban Permaculture
Urban and Rural Futures Revisited by Toby Hemenway
Saturday in the Garden of Union by Claudia Joseph
A Permaculture Alliance with History by Phil Forsyth
Zones and Sectors in the City by Bart Anderson

Plant a Revolution: Growing Food in the City by Craig Hepworth
Detroit Urban Visionaries by Christopher Shein
Rebuilding New Orleans and Everytown USA by Richard Register
The Enduring Chinampas of Mexico by Nik Bertulis
City Form, Country Venue: A Village for the Ages by Peter Bane, Albert Bates and Keith Johnson
Permaculture and Community Transform a Military Base by Doug Biggs
Beverly Doty: A Permaculture Campaigner in Suburbia by Susan W. Clark
The Permacultured Kitchen by Robert Waldrop
Radical Vistas from the Urban Frontier by Scott Kellogg and Stacy Pettigrew
Moires of a "Rurban" Permaculturist by Andrew Goodheart Brown
A Farmer Comes to Town by Don Tipping

#57 Fall 2005, $6

20th Anniversary Issue! Looking Back / Looking Forward

Permaculture Challenges by Sego Jackson
A Permaculture Remembrance by Will Carey
Permaculture in the USA by Michael Pilarsk
Permaculture Changes by Kevin Tope
The Road Less Traveled by William Roley
Permatecture by Ianto Evans
Gaia University by Tami Brunk
Toward an Ignorance-based World View by Wes Jackson
The Soft Edge of Permaculture by Robert Silber
The Permaculture Institute of Northern california by Deborah Grace
The First US Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions by Becky Elder
Oil Depletion & the Immediate Need for Permaculture Communities by Richard Heinberg
Retrofitting the Suburbs for Sustainability by David Holmgre
Success and Succession: IPC7 by Peter Bane

#56 Summer 2005, $6
Tree Crops...Tree Guilds: A New Look at Permanent Agriculture
Non-Traditional Tree Crops for Northern Climates by Karl Davies
A History of Pine Nuts for Northern Climates by Charles Rhora
Tree Vegetables: Salads That Grow on Trees! by Eric Toensmeier
Acorns as Human Food by Ken Asmus
Restoring the King of the Eastern Forest by Dale Kolengerg & Frederick V. Hebard, Ph.D.
Silvopastoral Agroforestry Using Honeylocust by Andy Wilson
Pattern and Process in the Underground Economy by Dave Jacke
Broadscale Agroforestry Ten Years On... by Mark Shepard
Temperate Agroforestry with Bamboo by Rick Valley
Wondrous Willow, Copious Coppice by Don Tipping
Social Forestry in the Shasta Bioregion by Tom Ward
Every Tree Has a Story by Peter Bane
Permaculture Beyond Borders by Jamie McSweeney and Max Kamen
Epilogue: A Story of Robert by Dave Jacke
The Straight (Over)Story by Richard Blaha

#55 Spring 2005, $6
Learning from
Our Mistakes
For Want of a Nail by Toby Hemenway
Fruitful Misconceptions by Bart Anderson
From Unexpected Sectors by Kathryn Santoyo
Permaculture in Australia - Hard-Won Lessons by Russ Grayson
Read the F*#@^%^*! Manual by Toby Hemenway
Reach a Little Farther by Arjuna da Silva
Making Friends, Unmaking Fear by Mark Lakeman
Seeing the Forest and the Trees by Diana Leafe Christian
The Nature of Mistakes - and Mistakes in Nature by Stephanie Gerson
A Thousand Year Error by Michael Pilarski
The Roots of Healing by Nick Routledge
Beyond Public Opinion to Public Judgement by Tom Atlee
Lessons in Village Design by Peter Bane

#54, Winter 2004, $6
Fire and Catastrophe
Designing Beyond Disaster by Toby Hemenway
Honoring Prometheus's Gift by Don Tipping
Fire Hazard Assessment in the Wildland / Urban Interface by National Fire Protection Agency
Fire on the Mount by the ReGenesis Group; Catastrophe as Opportunity by Richard Zook
Shelter when You Really Need It by Dwight Sands
Going with the Flow by Bruce Blair
And the Creeks Did Rise by Peter Bane
The Oakland - Berkeley Hllls Fire by Paul Teague
One Gardener's View of a Disrupted Climate by Becky Elder
Concepts for a New World Order by Michael Kramer
Community Food Security by Bob Ewing and Heather Kerr
Street Orchards for Community Security by Brad Lancaster
The Rise of Globalization by Shirley-Anne Hardy
Another Look at Invasion Biology by David Holmgren

#53, Fall 2004 $8
Education: Learning to
Change the World
Life-Long Learning by William Ellis
The Albany Free School by Stacy Pettigrew and Scott Kellogg
Edge-ucation by Michael Kramer
Points to Remember in Permaculture Facilitation by Max Lindegger
Thinking Outside the Permaculture Education Box by Will Hooker and Alison Cerulli
Living and Learning on the Road by Subcoyote Alberto Ruz Buenfil
Indigenous Education and Ecology by Deanna Moore
The Case Study: A Teaching Tool for Regenerative Learning by Christopher Peck
The Evolution of a Learning Center by Weston Miller
Teaching Permaculture in a School Garden by Charles Headington
The Garden Dances by Megan McGee Ingram
Teaching About Soil by Walter Moore
Toward an Ecology of Learning by Gail Dennison
Permaculture Curriculum Design: An Ecovillage Perspective by Max Lindegger
Ecocentric Pedagogy: A Matter of Design by Deanna Moore
Learn Some, Teach Some by Judy Hobbs
The Ecoversity by Staci Matlock

#52,Summer 2004, $6
Ecological Aquaculture at Ocean Arks by John Todd
Designing Ponds for Life by Max Lindegger
Toward a North American Polyculture by Bill McLarney
Small-scale Fish Culture Systems by Steven Van Gorder
Investing in a Freshwater Resource by Laurence Hutchinson
Polycultural Ponds, Hawaiian Style by John Schinnerer
Fish for Health by Peter Bane
Aquaculture in a Small Space by Oliver Lang
Treating Greywater Ecologically by Darrell Frey
Making Room for Nature by Don Tipping
Teaching Them to Fish by Rod & Kim Rylander
The Subtle Energies of Flowing Water by Lee Barnes
In Memoriam: Simon Henderson by Larry Santoyo
"Uncle Ho is Watching You" by Simon Henderson

#51,Winter 2003, $6
Traditional Knowledge and Regeneration
Contemplating Megadeaths by Albert Bates
The Context Can Bring Us Home by Renee Wade
Wildness and Wilderness by Paul Shepard
Connecting to Place by Hubb Knott
Beyond Wilderness: See the Garden In the Jungle by Toby Hemenway
The Nasca Lines: Geoglyphs Reveal an Ancient Water Map by David Johnson
Waru Waru: A New Life for Traditional Farming in Peru
Traditional Seed Breeding by Eric Humel; Seed Saving
Consciousness is Key by Woody Wodraska
Creating Village Orchards by Sasha Earnheart-Gold
BioSculpture by Phil Forsyth
Encounters with the Bear by Alice Kidd
Fermented Stimulants and the Rise of Globalization by Sandor Ellix Katz
Northern Delights: Inuit Medicine Helps Preserve Culture by Neil S. Lewis
The Helions: celebrating Earth's Orbital Progression by Rael Bassan

#50, May 2003 $6
Permaculture & the 3rd Wave of Environmental Solutions by David Holmgren
Emilia Hazelip: A Retrospective by Souscayrous
Synergistic Agriculture & Permaculture by Emilia Hazelip
Synergistic Agriculture at Solaria by Emilia Hazelip
Keystones & Cops by Peter Bane (the chestnut/passenger pigeon connection)
Brushland & Oak Savanna by Mark Shepard
Root Crop Polycultures by Eric Toensmeir
The Fungal Ecosystem by Paul Stamets
Human in Wild Ecosystems by Max Lindegger & Lloyd Williams
Grazing for Healthy Farms by Mark Ludwig
Alders Aren't A Weed Tree Anymore by Rick Valley
An Odyssey of Discovery by Roland Bunch
Managing the Indoor Ecosystem by Darrell Frey

#49 Winter 2002, $6
Where Is Permaculture?
Where Stands Permaculture by Shirley-Anne Hardy
Thriving Pennsylvania Site by Darrell Frey
Sonoma County Measures Its Ecological Footprint by Ann Hancock
The Designer Becomes the Recliner by Christopher Adams
Permaculture With a Mechanical Twist by Weston Miller
A Gardener Grows in Brooklyn by Philip D. Forsyth
Pilgrim's Progress by Chris Jagger
Water Gardens Bloom in South Texas by Kirby Fry
Evolution of an Herb Farm by Michael Pilarski
Making the Farm Pay Its Way by Mark Shepard
High, Dry & Flourishing by Peter Bane
Permaculture Goes Suburban by Brian Skeele
You Can Lead a Rabbit to Water... by Richard Herman
Beauty: A Key to Sustainability by Will Hooker
Urban Agriculture in Cuba by Fundacion

#48 Fall 2002, $8
Making Changes
A Vision of Co-Intelligent Activism by Tom Atlee
Webs of Power (Starhawk)
Urban Food Circles by Bob Ewing
Change Insurgency in a Shamrock World by Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky
A Perspective on Change by Peter Bane
Snowballing Feedback Loops by Paul Krafel
Garden-Grown Activism by Loren Davidson
The Zen of Global Transformation by Nasrudin O'Shaw
A Permaculture-Informed Confluence by David Sando
A Visionary Repairs the City by Mark Lakeman and Toby Hemenway
Culture Out of Daily Life by John Schinnerer
Escaping the Job Trap by Thomas J Elpel
A Model fro Argentina's Recovery by Gustavo Ramirez and Silvia Balado
La Pura Vida by John Valenzuela

#47 Summer 2002, $6
Water As Commodity by Maude Barlow
Basins of Relations by Brock Dolman
From Source to Sink: Planning Watershed Development by Max Lindegger
Wisdom of the Beaver by Toby Hemenway
Romance of the Raindrop by Bill McLarney
Peat Bogs: Preservation or Peril by Sissi Grohman
Where the Water Meets the Land by Claude William Genest
Skywater Center - Restoring a Northern California Watershed - Capra j'Neva Devi interviews Penny Livingston and James Stark
Urban Stormwater Management by Tom Liptan
Where Rocks Have Made the Water Run by Brad Lancaster
Look Before You Leap by Chris Anderson
Rabbits Love Roses by Jane Hunnicutt

#46 July 2001
Good Work and
Right Livelihood

A New Human Story by Jacob von Uexkull
Designing the Permaculture LInks by Jerome Osentowski and Peter Bane
Keeping Up with the Smiths by Seve Solomon
Finding Work that Works by Nick Routledge
Surviving Insurmountable Opportunities
Interview with Tom Ward
Calories, the Real Economic Currency by Thomas J. elpel
Birth of a Meditation Cushion Salesman by Patrick Clark
An Escape from Wage Slavery by Alan Seid
Finding a Sense of Surplus by Toby Hemenway
Adventures in Egalitarian Living b Jon Dumont
Growing Community Power by Richard Komp
Cosmic Bob's Plan for Your Life by Douglas Bullock
Social Ecology in Action by Keja MacEwan
A Day of Urban Sustainability by Tim Krupnik
Activists Envision a New World by Brendan Conley

#45 March 2001
Medicine and Health
Transforming World and Self by Joan Harper;
Your Home is Your Castle by Paul Battle
Designing Care by Susan Parenti and Patch Adams
AIDS and Ayurveda by Pankaj Seth, N. D.
Bacteria: Pathogens or Agents of Decay by Adeha Feustel
A Rumination on Barberry and Descartes by Richard Mandelbaum
Integrated Community Health by Katherine Willow, N. D. and Michael Willow
Women's Health and Traditional medicine by Cynthia Edwards
A Fourth World Apothecary by Arjuna daSilva
Healing Weeds by Corey-Pine Shane
Botanical Medicine in Hawaii by Michael Pilarski
Healing Powers of the Garden by Elizabeth Messer Diehl
Medicinal Tree Crops by Martin Craw
Medicinal Trees, Shrubs & Vines for Cold Climates by Michael Pilarski, compiler
Ginseng: Herbal Ally by Robert Eidus
How to Make Money! by Brendan Conley
Grafting to Wild Rootstocks by Oliver Kellhammer

#44 Nov. 2000
Earthworks and Energy
The Well-Built Spreader Drain by Christian Meuli
Having a Swale Time with Horses by Brock Dolman
Design and Construction of Earth Dams by Darren Doherty
Human-Scale Earthworks by Edna Weigel
Tales from the Trenches by Rick Valley
A Carpet Sandwich, Please - Hold the water by Peter Bane
A Multi-Use Constructed Wetland at Sustainable Settings by Brook LeVan and Rose L. LeVan
Minipig, Megabulldozer by Toby Hemenway
Energy Touches Everything by Peter Bane
The Green Windmill by Robert Green
The Carbon Trade by Richard Komp
Recycled Water, Orcas Style by Douglas Bullock
Does Thermal Mass Still Have Class? by Dean Still
Another Kind of Energy (the work of Jean Pain) by Peter Bane
Straw Bales in a Wet Climate by Dean Still
Cooperative Land Ownership by Brendan Conley
#43 June 2000
Food and Fiber
Food and Plants for Hunger by Rosemary Morrow
Sourdough as Permaculture by Andrew Goodheart Brown
Salad of the Season by Darrell Frey
Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables by Suzanne P. DeMuth
The Synergistic Vegetable Garden by Emilia Hazelip
A Revolution in Rice Cultivation by Justin Rabenandrasana
Cold Climate Food Strategies by Jerry Heath
The Wonders of Insect Cuisine by Marci Robbin Tarre
The World of Chilies by Scott Wilson
A Look at Food Origins by Peter Bane
A Garlic Primer by Orin Martin
Plants and Place by Michael Pilarski
Katuah Wild Forage Plants by Lee Barnes
Fiber Plants for Permaculture by Toby Hemenway
Bamboo in the 21st Century by Adam Turtle, FLS;
Growing Fiber for Fences by Rick Valley
Industrial Hemp: Saviour or Nightmare by Stuart McMillan
A New Silk Road by Heather M. Steele
Fiber Plants in the Garden by Rick Valley
The Pampas Mulch Bed by Gustavo Ramirez
A Self-Forage System for Chickens by Susanna Kaye Lein
#42 Dec 1999
Self-reliance and
Community Cooperation
Co-Intelligence and Community Self-Organization by Tom Atlee
A Co-Intelligent Toolkit for Working with Groups by Tom Atlee
The Cooperative Economic Vision by Brendan Conley
Where Did You Get Your Axe? by J. Baldwin
Sculpting a Neighborhood by Marna Hauk
Archetype Design and the Greater Circle by Vishu Magee
Bebop into Community Building by Christopher Peck
Designing for Sovereignty by John Schinnerer
Simple and Sustainable in Samoa by Will Hooker
Mondragon & the Future of Cooperation by Brendan Conley
Housing Ourselves Naturally by Peter Bane
The General Core Model: A Tool for Decision Making by Joel Glanzberg
Casting Seed and Deepening Roots by Brad Lancaster and Marci Tarre
Creating a Permanent Culture at Lost Valley by Teryani Riggs
The Dark Side of Lost Valley by Larry Kaplowitz
Zone Zero and the Enlightened Permaculturist by Toby Hemenway
Petroleum-Free with the Solar-Electric Tractor by Stephen Heckeroth
Natural Help for Beekeepers by Diane Tweten
#41 May 1999
Natural Building
Regenerative Building
Roadbuilding: An Ecological Approach by Michael G. Smith
Our Dream House by Eric Storm
Buildings that Live by Chuck Marsh
Chasing the Dogma Out of Natural Building by Toby Hemenway
Lessons in Sustainability by Charlie Joiner
Under-$20,000 Housing: A Solution for the Rosebud Sioux by Owen Geiger
Providing Access: A Primer in Roadbuilding by John Beckman
Micro-Hydro in the Nineties by Paul Cunningham & Barbara Atkinson
A Laboratory for Natural Building by Toby Hemenway
A Barn Raising at Circle Springs by Kalen Jones
Cordwood Revisited by Darrell Frey
Oregon Cob by Ianto Evans
Thatching Comes to America by Deanne Bednar
Building With Bamboo by Darrell DeBoer
PaperCrete by Gordon Solberg
Oasis in the Urban Desert by Andrew Goodheart Brown
Caliche: Make Your Own Adobe by Charles Gibson
Natural Building for Plants and Animals by Albert Bates
Design for High Winds by John Schinnerer
Special Feature: The Origins of Conflict by Lea Harrison
#40 Dec 1998
New Forestry
Forest Health is More Than Forestry by Toby Hemenway
Forestry in Central Appalachia: Developing an Economy of Place by Anthony Flaccavento
A Kinder, Gentler Forestry by Nathaniel H. Axtell
Seven Generations of Forestry: The Menominee Reservation
The Patient Investor by David Simpson
An Ash Woodlot Prescription by Randy Carey and Tom Ward
Homestead Land Tenure by David Martin
Citizen Protection of Old Growth Forests by Lee Barnes
New Relationship by Andrew Goodheart Brown
Rhizosphere Wars by Alex Shigo
Forest Farming by Deborah Hill
The Hope of Woody Agriculture by Philip A. Rutter
"Gone Nuts:" Creating a Legacy for Permanent Agriculture by Mollie Curry
New Forest Farm b Mark Shepard
Rainforest Regeneration by Matt Kovacs
T he Crenelated Windbreak by Christopher Meuli
The Story of the Understory: A Tale of Community Development by Colin Donohue
Coppice-with-Standards: New Forestry with Ancient Roots by Peter Bane
#39 July '98
Knowledge, Pattern & Design
Permaculture: A Way of Seeing by Joel Glanzburg
Mats and Nets: Patterns from Sand Dunes by Toby Hemenway
Traditional California Native Conservation by Malcolm Margolin
Fairness & the Fourth System Condition by Donal Kinney
Pattern: Key to the Universe by Patricia Michael and Bill Meacham
Pattern In Nature by Marian Farrior with illustrations by Lisa Wittrup
Pattern as Process by Tim Murphy and Vicki Marvick
Thinking Like a Mule by John Beckman
Environmental Analysis for Land Use Planning by Matthew Arnsberger
Knowing Permaculture: A Personal View by Jude Hobbs
Teaching if People Mattered by Skye
"Vietnam Was Ready for Permaculture" by Rosemary Morrow
It Takes Villages...To Sustain the City by Ondine Wilhelm
Searching for a Way Forward by David Holmgren

#38 Feb. 98
Economic Transformation
From the Real Economy to The Speculative by Bernard Lietaer
Top Feeders, Bottom Feeders...But No Middle Class by Toby Hemenway
Permaculture, Justice, and Economics from TRANET
...Human survival may simply not be economic... by Albert Bates
Pollination Management by Dave Green
Adopt-A-Hive by Woody Wodraska
Paradise Garden; No Money! by Isatis
What Profits? by Darrell Frey
Holistic Financial Planning by Christopher Peck
Finding Gold in the "Rust Belt: by John "JB" Beckman
Ecological Patterns, Land Use, and Right Livelihood by Toby Hemenway
Bioregional Design; the Island of Molokai by Michael Pilarski
WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms)
Win-Win Organization of Farming by Mary Woltz
If We Design it, They Will Come (But will they get along?) by Dan Howell.
#36 Mar 97

Climate and Microclimate
Thinking Globally by Albert Bates
A Microclimate Primer by Toby Hemenway
Identifying Microclimates by Jeff Ashton
Notes from the Weatherman's Handbook by Lee Barnes
Prolegomena to a Pattern Language, part 2 by Paul Caron
Dance the Seasons: Catastrophia & Climate Change by Jamey Thompson
Windbreaks - Tried and True by Erik Ronneberg
Windicators by Chuck Marsh
Understanding Microclimate by Lee barnes and Peter Bane
Lee's Low-Tech Sun Locator by Lee Barnes
Making the Most from Micro-Sites by Andrew Goodheart Brown
Mini-cloches by Robert McKasson
A Subtropical Forest Garden by Peter Bane
Breakthrough in Beekeeping by Emilia Hazelip
In Praise of North-facing Slopes by Caroliine Smith
Report from Zimbabwe: Climate Change & Agriculture, Drought, & Water Harvesting - from Ground Cover
Micro-Catchments by Can Howell
Dryland Strategies by Kirby Fry
Straw-Clay Construction by Ted Butchart
#37 Sept 97
Tools and Appropriate Technology
Dowsing by the Seat of Your Pants by Lee Barnes
No Destination: Perception, Time, Space, & Travel by Patrick Clark
Making Workbikes for the Neighborhood by Greg Bryant
New Energy Technologies by Gary Schwartz
Scythes: An Appropriate Tool for Homestead Management by David Jacke
The Swordmaker's Art: Japanese Hand Tools by Peter Bane and Noboru Matsumoto
Japanese Hand Saws by Peter Buhl
HouseBees &  Bee Houses by David K. Jacke
Pallet Chicken Tractors by Peter Buhl; Start a Nursery - Make an Impact by Douglas Bullock
S-L-U-G-S by Elaine Meyers
Paradise Gardens: No Tools, No Technology by Isatis
Paleo "Bashed Tools" by Charles Spear
Leveling with and A-Frame by Matthew Arnsberger
The Bunyip Level by Nate Downey
Recipe for a Ram Pump by Mollie Curry
Household Greywater Systems by David Jacke
Natural Building Column: Straw-Bale Construction by Ted Butchart
The Sunny John: Design for a Solar Moldering Toilet by John Cruickshank
Ferrocement by David Baty
Mow Slow by Mack Van Dyke
The Waldee Forest Inventory Stick by Lee Barnes
Homemade Log Yoke: A toll for low-impact forestry by  Mollie Curry
Green Woodworking by Mollie Curry
Wood Saving Cookstoves by Susana Kaye Lein
Hayboxes: Fireless Cookers that Save Fuel by Dean Still & Jim Kness
#35 Nov 96

Village Design
Prolegomena to a Pattern Language for the New Village by Paul Caron
From Consensus to Democracy by Arjuna DaSilva
Lessons from Community Conflicts by Declan & Margrit Kennedy
Sustainable Villages and the United Nations by Albert Bates
A Visit to the Amanas by Albert Bates
Cerro Gordo's Long Journey to Community by Toby Hemenway
Arthurdale, West Virginia: A Public Experiment by Deanna Hornyak
A Village In Between: Artas, South Dakota by Larry Dalmation
Planning for a New Tribe by Chuck Marsh
Visions of Earthaven by Gangotri, Michaeljon Drouin, Gary Schwartz, Greg Marshall-Clark
Rural Ecovillage & Urban Cohousing: Interview with Jill Tieman by Mollie Curry
Leaning a New Kind of Life by Darren Geffert
Design for Catastrophe by Andrew Goodheart Brown
Remembering Who We Really Are: Design for Eco-Spirituality by Patricia Allison
Spirit in Community by Chiwa
Schooling in a Village Home by Jean-Ann Marshall-Clark
Design for the Next Generation by Patricia Allison
Creating a teenage Society by Patricia Allison
Natural Building Materials by Ted Butchart
Village Economics by Peter Bane
Ecological Forestry in Action: The Waldee Forest by David Wheeler
#34 June 96

Useful Plants
Bamboo Polyculture in Vietnam; Medicinal Plants
Pest Control; Root Crops
Oaks; Robert Hart's Forest Garden
Russian Plants; Autumn Olive
Regional Plant Lists
Seed/Plant Sources; Plant Allies by Lee Barnes

#33 Dec. 95
Cities & Their Regions
To Mend the Broken Circles: Thinking Green in City Spaces by Charlie Headington
World Hunger or Abundance at Home? by Andrew Goodheart Brown
Empowering Independent Regions by Gene Marshall
Building community in the City: A Visit with the LA Ecovillage
The Ecological Neighborhood by Jim and Eileen Schenk
Planting with MAGIC by Roberta Greenspan
Permaculture in the 'Hood' by Sabrina Merlo
CoHousing: A Solution for Social Isolation and Sustainability by Z'ev Paiss
City Markets: Creating a Regional Identity by Mollie Curry
Rails to Trails: A case Study for Roanoke Rapids, NC by Mary Woltz
Creating Habitat: Living with Animals in the City by Andrew Goodheart Brown
The Garden that Compost Built by Trina Paulus
Micro-Enterprise Lending: A Strategy for Local Prosperity by Mollie Curry
"Right in My Backyard..." by Elizabeth R. Winston

#32 April 95
Animals & Aquaculture
Livestock, Genetic Diversity, and Sustainable Agriculture by Caroline Christman, Donald Bixby, and Phillip Sponenberg;
Animal Polyculture: The Farm of Many Faces (Joel Salatin) by Peter Bane
Commentary on Animals in Permaculture by Michael Howden
Small- scale Cattle Raising by Liz Richardson
Power of Gentle Beasts by Jessica Laub
Please Pass the Goat Peter Bane
Controlling Goats with the Right Fence by Shannon Stoney
Sheep and Wool by Liz Richardson, Elena Wheeler, and Victoria Smith
Holding Back the Water by Peter Bane
Ramial Woodchip Mulch by Celine Caron
The Carolina Bantam Chicken by I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr.
Why Pig Farmers Should Love a Duck by Jessica Laub
Amazing Duckweed by Jessica Laub; Free Bees by C.L. Parker
Africanized Honey Bees: Q & A by Gretchen Sanders
Honey Bees in our Future by Eric C. Mussen
Bee Plants of the Mid-South by Season of Bloom (chart)
Sustainable Fish Culture by Jessica Laub
Constructed Wetlands by Tad Montgomery; Municipal Reed Bed Sewage Treatment by Mike Hylton
Rock Reed Filters: On-Site Sustainable Waste Treatment by Dan & Cathy Schellenberg; and more.
#31 May 94 $8.00Forest Gardening Energy & Pc by David Holmgren; Mushroom Cultivation; Robert Hart's Forest Garden; Species for Northern California; Alders; Agroforestry in Belize and China; Honey locust; Nitrogen fixers; and more.
#29-30 July 9 3 $8.00 Networks Networks: Special Media Review; Rural Reconstruction; Leaf Concentrate; Community Food Initiatives; Pc in Palestine; Do-nothing Eden; Feng Shui; Companion Gardening; Nature Spirits; Wilderness; Biogeography.; Network Theory; Pc Academy; and more.
#28 Feb. 93 $8.00 Structures Structures: Community Design; Local Exchange Trade Systems; Industry; Strawbale/Timber-frame Buildings ; and more.
#27 Aug. 92 $8.00 Integrating Pc Integrating Pc: Deconstructing Utopia; Grassroots Organizing; Garden Polyculture; Pattern Learning; Living Fences
#26 May 92 $8.00 Soil
Soil: Our Past, Our Future: Fertility, Worms, Cover Crops
#25 Dec 91 $6 Design for Community
Design for Community: CSA's, Restoring Forest; Garden Ecology
#24 Oct 91 $6 Creativity in Design Creativity in Design: Examples; Index Issues #1-23
#23 May 91 $6 Politics of Diversity
Politics of Diversity; Greenhouse Market Garden; PC in Nepal
Vol 6, #4 Nov 90 $6 Urban Permaculture Urban Permaculture: Ecocity Conference, Soil Detox, Suburbs & PC
Vol 6, #3 Aug. 90 $6 Water Water: Forests &Atmosphere; Catchment; Nepal; Pond Design
Vol 6, #2 May 90 $5
Insectary Plants; more Greywater; Land Use for People
Vol 6, #1 Feb. 90 $5 Household Greywater Systems; Soil Imprinting
Vol 5, #4 Nov 89 $5 PC Definitions; Water Conservation; Small Dams; Ponds; Keyline
Vol 5, #3 Aug. 89 $5 Rainforest Conservation in Ecuador; Gaia; Weed Gardens
Vol 5, #2 May 89 $5 Plant Guilds; Roof Gardens; Small Livestock
Vol 5, #1 Feb. 89 $5 Permaculture:A Designer's Manual; Tree Bank; Water in PC
Vol 4, #4 Nov 88 $5 Multi-Story Tree Crops; Greening Dominican Republic; Runoff Gardens
Vol 4, #3 Aug. 88 $5 Social Forestry; Gabions; Japanese Organic Agriculture; Producer/Consumer Co-ops
Vol 4, #2 May 88 $5
Urban-Rural Links:Economics & Community Development
Vol 4, #1 Feb. 88 $5 Marketing PC Products; Bamboo; Home Wastewater Treatment
Vol 3, #4 Nov 87 $5 Trees for Life
Vol 3, #3 Aug. 87 $5
Annual Planting Cycle
Vol 3, #2 May 87 $5 PC Restoration of Wild Lands; Design for Sacramento Farm
Vol 3, #1 Feb. 87 $5 Networking; Natural Farming; D-Q University; Children's PC
Vol 2, #4 Nov 86 $5
Masanobu Fukuoka; Keyline; Genetic Conservation; City Farms; Oceanic PC
Vol 2, #3 Aug. 86 $5 International Permaculture Conference Program
Vol 2, #2 May 86 $5
International Permaculture Conference 2 & PC Design Courses
Vol 2, #1 Feb. 86 $5 Garden Design
Vol 1, #2 Nov 85 $5 Fruit & Nut Trees
Vol 1, #1 July 85 $5 Permaculture In Oz (Australia)

Vol. 1 thru Vol. 5 + Vol. 6 (1 & 2): $5 each postpaid
Vol. 6 - #3&4, + #23-#25, #37, #39, #42, #44-#47, #49-#52, #54-#85: $6 each postpaid
#26-#28, Dbl. issue #29-30, #31, #32, #36, #41, #48, #53: $8.00 each postpaid
#33 - #35: $5.00 each postpaid
#38, #40: $10 each postpaid
#43: $15 postpaid

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