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ARTICLES on Permaculture and related topics.

PDFs of recent articles:
Making Home in a Global Neighborhood (#73, 2009) by Peter Bane;
Practical Home Energy Descent
(#74, 2009) by Kate and Larry McAuliffe;
Designing a Community Garden to Grow the Food Bank
(#75, 2011) by Barb Fath;
A Miracle of Mulch: From Rocky Mountains to Rich Soil (#76, 2009)by Jerome Osentowski;
Real Wealth, Real Life: Eco-nomics of Small-Scale Forestry (#77, 2010) by Ish Shalom
Reclaiming Poorly Drained Land: The Causeway Approach (#78, 2011) by Chris Dixon;
Being the Change in Your Village
(#79, 2011) by Kelda Miller;
A Better Deer Fence (# 81, 2011) by Nina Maclean;
The Basket Makers’ Landscape (#83, 2012) by Tom Ward;
Land Reclamation in Nova Scotia (#84, 2012) by Marissa Ringel;
Patterns to Revitalize Your Neighborhood (#85, 2012) by Andrew Millison;
Edible Insects (#86, 2012) by Roman Shapla;
World of Excessive Extracurricular Dendrology (WEED) (#87, 2013) by Bill Whipple
Traditional Observation Techniques for the Permaculture Designer (#88, 2013) by Benjamin Weiss
David VS Goliath: Seed Saving (#89, 2013) by Stephanie Syson

Who Am I to Farm?
by Peter Bane,
Issue #82, GROWING STAPLE CROPS • NOV 2011, excerpted from Peter's new book: The Permaculture Handbook

The Bathtub Effect by Peter Bane
from Designing forDisaster, issue #80, May 2011
Albert Bates
Alcohol Can Be A Gas
- Book Review
Lovelock’s Folly
- A Book Review

Native Plants: Restoring to an Idea

Bart Anderson - co-editor
Bart lives with his wife in a small condominium in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since retiring in 2002, he spends most of his time monitoring and writing about peak oil, climate change and sustainability. As energy issues have grown in prominence, he's
had to cut back on his gardening and work in Master Gardeners, as well as the natural history and outdoor activities that he loves.

Zones and Sectors in the City
Nitrogen-fixers vs liquid gold
by Norris Thomlinson
Edible Forest Gardens: Invitation to Adventure by David Jacke / Eric Toensmeier
By David Holmgren

Permaculture and Energy
The Future of the World...Is Nuts
by Philip A. Rutter,Bagersett Research Corp
Compromise, Hell! by Wendell Berry
Design For Catastrophe by Andrew Goodheart Brown
Permaculture with a Mycological Twist
The Stametsian Model for a Synergistic Mycosphere

To save these PDF essays by Permaculture farming genius (originally published in Acres USA), right click & save file.
Industry vs. Biology — Taking on the Ethics of Industrial Agriculture
by Joel Salatin

Design for the Five Kingdoms
by Kris Holstrom and Tom Riesing
'Sound Science' Is Killing Us (PDF) by Joel Salatin
The State of the Eco-Union (PDF) by Joel Salatin
Cosmic Bob's Plan for Your Life
as revealed to Douglas Bullock

Heirlooms of Tomorrow: Breeding and Selection for Adaptation to Climate Change
by Don Tipping

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