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About Us: magazine overview

Permaculture Introduction and Definitions: Co-originators David Holmgren and Bill Mollison, Principles.

Books and Videos: Permaculture Texts, Design, Teaching, Pattern Language, Mapping.

Permaculture Design Courses: Course Syllabus / Curricula, who takes PDC's and why.

Planetary Permaculture Directory: Find Permaculture people, practitioners, designers, consultants, new friends, services, products, projects.

North America: US, Canada




Mexico, Central and South America / the Caribbean

Permaculture Resources: Other useful links related to Permaculture.

Permaculture Design / Consulting: Patterns for Abundance with Peter Bane and Keith Johnson: Pre-purchase Site Assessment, On Site Planning Advice, Consultation and Design, Documented Whole Farm Planning, Ecovillage Development, Workshops, Seminars, Public Speaking, Site Evaluation Questionnaire, Consultation and Design Fees, Design Projects.

Articles: Beavers, Energy Descent, Gaia University, Urban Zones and Sectors, Village Design, Design for Change, Keystones and Cops, Planning for the New Tribe, Energy and Permaculture, plus links to more articles.

Seed Resources: Links to seed sellers in North America

Plant Nurseries: Links to sellers of nursery plants in North America

Webguy: Keith Johnson

Contact Info: At the bottom of every page.

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